Terry Pratchett: Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook


Today, a great man – author of the famous Discworld series of books, died. Death has led him away. I haven’t been able to stop crying, like I have known him personally. It’s rather odd. But I do feel like I know him personally. His books kept me company and hopeful during the darkest periods of my life – I was going through depression that I could not comprehend. His wit, sense of humour and Rincewind, I mean, what can I say about Rincewind? He is a person who has all the bad luck congregating on him, but his determination to stay alive really resonated with me then. It gave me hope. Not to sound too melodramatic, but I have Terry Pratchett to thank for me being alive today. He made me smile when my frown was too heavy for me to bear, he made me laugh when my tears seemed never-ending.

Today’s tribute recipe is from Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook.tp_nannyoggcookbook

The Librarian’s Recipe for Bananas



Or for non-simians:

  • Take one banana.


You shall be missed, Sir Terry Pratchett. 1948 – 2015.

Donate here for Alzheimer’s Research which Terry was the Patron, and here for the Orangutan Foundation that Terry visited for his documentary Facing Extinction.


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