Life anew

It’s been a good number of months since I have posted anything here – not without a lack/want for trying. It’s been a rather busy and eventful year for me. I got a new job in an NGO  (Finance! who would have thought), moved to another area of Athens, gained and lost weight (and gained it again!), painted a few paintings, made lots of new friends and traveled quite abit too. Not to give too much away, my new kitchen is much smaller than my previous kitchen, and I have a smaller cooker and oven than before. My previous posts have been a lot about food, and I think from now I will scale down the recipes and make more of the others in my list – the paintings and the travel posts will feature more this time. Worry not – my first love is still food, and I will write about them still. I have another week and half of my Summer holidays to go, and I will be spamming my blog with posts about my adventures, trials and tribulations, experiences and I will write more about my work in the NGO too.

Back with gusto, I hope. I feel refreshed and all these thoughts and ideas in my head need an outlet after all. To quote Maya Angelou – There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.




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