Women Wednesday: Andreia’s Marathon

Andreia at the Panathinaikos Stadium

My friend Andreia is running the marathon (the Authentic Marathon!!!) this coming weekend! She is raising funds for Refugee Mothers and Babies here in Athens. The funds will go towards providing midwifery, breastfeeding and infant nutrition care for refugee and migrant women and their babies here. To support her awesome 42km marathon run, please donate here : https://www.gofundme.com/marathon-for-the-mothers-and-babies

There was a party on Sunday night to collect funds for Andreia’s awesome marathon! 

I made a special Thai dish called Miang Kham. The first time I tried them was at my friend Alexia’s house for an awesome girls-night-in dinner party.

Inspired, and I remember stories of betel-nut leaf wraps during my childhood, I decided to try and make this wonderful dish for Andreia’s Marathon Fundraising party. 

My attempt took me a few hours on Saturday sourcing out the fresh ingredients at my usual Asian stores in Ambelokipi, and a few hours on Sunday of preparing the Miang Kham. 

There different varieties, but I decided to follow Alexia and her instructions on how to make Miang Kham, and also after reading a few blogs out there on how to make the dish. This is my version of Miang Kham, not exactly authentic Thai, since I cannot find the pepper leaves here in Greece.  I am calling it Andreia’s Marathon Miang Kham. Click here (coming up!) for the recipe!

Again, please please click here support my lovely lovely friend, Andreia: 

Haaaaa that is me being little Miss Greedy eating food.


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