Have been feeling nostalgic lately….

My parents have just moved out and into a new house. The Subang Jaya house – the old house – we moved in when I was about 11. It was new, it was big, and it was oh so great. My sister was still very young then, and I remembered the fun we had in the garden, the parties – vague recollections, but they were all good. I know it’s a bit ’emo’ to feel that nostalgic of a place you lived in for less than a decade in total (I moved out at 19 and only stayed at home sporadically after I left for England), but it was home and it contained memories – good, bad, good bad ones and the ones I have totally erased from my memory banks (or have I?).

Nostalgia. Made me post nostalgia-related Tumblr rants about a boy I was infatuated with and this has also made me feel a bit tad homesick. I won’t be able to see the house ever again. Parents sold the house within weeks of putting it on the market. They’ve made the move to the new house in a rather awkward and not-so-smooth transition, but they’ve settled in. (I can safely say with certainty that they have since my furry little brother Chocoboy has even made a point to enjoy his 2nd day at his new home watching the Liverpool game with great enthusiasm.)


So, goodbye Athena (yes, the old SJ house has a name! And it’s named after the city I ended up living in more than a decade later. How freaky is that?). May the new people create together with you, in your hallways and corners, new and exciting memories that are comparable to what I have experienced when I was living with you. May they love and cherish you as I did. I bid thee Farewell, and Goodnight.


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