Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus: Axarnes



I try to go and catch a play at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus every summer. As part of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival this year, I chose to watch another Aristophanes play (comedies, as compared to Greek tragedies) – titled “The Archanians“. It was widely advertised and it lived up to the hype – I thoroughly enjoyed the adaptation. (You can see a picture of the performance by clicking here).

Before we went to the theatre, we spent a day out in the Peloponnese – we went to the ancient Greek acropolis of Mycenae to see the site. We climbed up to the citadel, and it was a hot and lovely sunny day.


We later drove to Nafplio to have a late lunch before we had to make our way to the theatre.


When we arrived, people were already queuing to enter. We got to our seats, and watched the sun set slowly over the theatre set.


The play was a delight to watch (it was in Greek) and I have to say that the anti-war theme of the play particularly resonated with me, and I had wondered how a play written thousands of years ago could somehow still be contemporary with what is happening now.




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