Ayinteriors: March


Spring is near, and with spring and the upcoming sunny days, I decided that a little redecorating is needed in the house.

I have always liked DIY, but never really any good at it. I have collected pretty bottles that I would love to one day spray paint, and I did! Well, I supervised. A friend of mine (Vaggelis, thank you!) did it for me. He is such a pro at things like this. I would have loved to do it by myself, but hey, if I can outsource such matters, no worries, right?


You can buy the spray paint from any hardware store, in any colour you want. Make sure you protect your floor (even when you do it outside, like on the grass) with layers of newspaper. A trick that you can use is that you place the bottle in a box and spray. You cannot use these bottles for food and drink anymore after the spray, but only as decoration.



I love collecting postcards, pictures, birthday cards, any trinkets like bus tickets and ticket stubs. (Also, any cute candy wrappers, old stamps, fliers. Yes, I am such a hoarder!) But they have always just sat in boxes, unused and not looked at. I bought these 2 simple wooden frames from IKEA years ago, and I decided to make a collage of some of my favourite collectables.


I will make some more, after I buy more frames from IKEA. What do you think?

During my last trip to Italy, when we were in Florence, we stopped by the Salvatore Ferragamo museum. My Mom bought a very pretty (and very limited edition) handbag. I got a booklet with colour prints of their iconic creations over the years.ayinteriors_ferragamo

It has been sitting pretty on a bookshelf, covered and forgotten. I decided to place it on the walls, on top of my shoe rack in the entrance hallway. I didn’t have the chance to use all of the prints, but I rather liked the partial rainbow motif, don’t you?



Katiki, striking a pose underneath the ‘Ferragamo Wall’.

Any ideas or inspiration on what I can make for the month of April?


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