Boudoir Nail Bar



(This happened while I was in Malaysia, in January 2015) It was the day before my brother’s wedding reception, and my sister and I decided to have a mani-pedi with our new sister-in-law in Bangsar.

This place is great, the service is unbelievably good. When we arrived we were escorted to our seats. They are big and plush comfortable chairs. We were asked what we would like to drink. (from a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks). Took our shoes off and sat down and the whole mani-pedi started off with a foot soak.



Our nail technicians arrived and they brought out our drinks and macaroons (I had 2 – one mocha and 1 strawberry), and we were asked to choose the colour of our nails from a big swatch of nail colours. I chose a shade of pink called ‘Guilty Pleasures” from Essie, for both my feet and hands.


Then the pedicure started, and the of us had a great time chatting and we ate and we drank.



They even have these tiny fans that will help to dry the nails faster.

The place can be found at Bangsar Village II, at Bangsar, Malaysia. Its called Boudoir, by Soong Ai Ling.

Will I go again? Of course. It will be great if somebody opens up a nail bar that is as posh and with great service, here in Athens. Until my next trip to Kuala Lumpur (July!).


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  1. Sounds amazing 👍

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