Ginger Syrup

Ginger -aromatic and spicy. It’s wonderfully versatile – it’s used in both sweet and savoury recipes. I always add a slice or 2 of ginger when I cook beef (it helps get rid of the ‘beefy’ smell when I particularly want it to taste fresh and clean.). I also love ginger beer. The Greeks have a drink they call ‘tsitsibira’, which is a type of fresh and refreshing ginger beer. To make this drink, it involves using yeast and letting it ferment in bottles, and I shall attempt that one day! But for now, I am going to make a simple ginger syrup that I can use to make my easy fizzy ginger drink, or use it as a syrup on top of ice creams and yogurts.

Ingredients: (makes a bit less than 1 cup of syrup)

Ginger, approximately 100g, cleaned and roughly chopped
2 cups of water
200g of sugar
*Note: This is just an approximation. I usually use less sugar, or substitute with honey or agave syrup. But the spiciness of the ginger will overpower the sugar, and it will help to keep!


1. In a blender/food processor, roughly ‘chop’ the ginger with the water.
2. In a saucepan, add the sugar/sweetener and ginger mix, scraping off as much small bits from the food processor as you can.
3. Heat to boil, and then turn the heat down to simmer. Occasionally check the syrup and stir for about 40-45 minutes until it has turned into a wonderful gooey mess. Leave to cool.
4. Once cooled, strain the liquid through a fine mesh strainer, pressing with the back of the spoon to squeeze as much sugary liquid into your bowl.
5. Store in any container of your choice (that can be covered) and it will keep in the fridge for about 2 weeks. (I usually end up using all of it within 1 week!)



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