Mango ‘Lassi’ Drink

Ah Mango Lassi. Such a refreshing drink, and you can make even the saddest looking mango out there (which is quite often than not) into something extremely delicious. Most (if not ALL) of the mangoes in the market here in Greece are from South America. Not to say that they are sub-par mangoes….but the mangoes I have had while I was in Malaysia were superb in flavour, and less of the stringey-stuff that mangoes always have. Asian mangoes (especially Indian ones) are far superior than any other that I have tasted. If you can find them where you are, lucky you!
This came about when my landlady asked me what else she can do with mangoes because she bought one and had a few slices and declared it ‘meh’. I remembered that lassi is made with yogurt, and it brought back memories of me having lassi back in Malaysia… but Greece also has a wonderful yogurt drink called Ariani – its originally known as Ksinogala (‘sour milk’). Voila, a simple, refreshing drink is born – a mix of 2 cultures. It helps to bring out the subtle sweet flavours of the mango (because the ones that come all the way from Brazil need a helping hand, or 2), and the Ariani is used as a replacement to the traditional yogurt and water mix. You can use kefir here too, if you want. I have done it before and the taste of milky yogurt is stronger there.
And, you can use any sort of fruit purée you want to make this fruit lassi. Peaches, or berries go very well too.

Ingredients: (for 2 big glasses of Lassi)

1 mango, cut the flesh off the seed and chop into chunks (or 2 if the mango is small)
250ml of water
250ml of Ariani (or Kefir, or, the yogurt/water mix *recipe below)
Sugar or other sweeteners, according to taste. (or none at all, as I like it)


  1. Put the mango in your food processor with the water and the sugar, if using.
  2. Blitz til fine.
  3. Put it through a sieve to get rid of any excess stringy pulp.
  4. In a jug, add the Ariani (or substitute) and mix.
  5. Add ice, and serve!
*Alternative to Ariani or Kefir:
2 parts water, 2 parts plain yogurt and 1 part milk. DO NOT USE GREEK YOGURT. It’s such a waste of good strained yogurt.

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