Makan-makan Athens: Fairytale Cafe and Pastry Shop


If you like Disneyland and themed-cafes; and/or sugar and chocolate-laden desserts, this is the place! I first came here with another Malaysian-to-Athens-transplant, Priscilla. This café (and now a pastry shop too!) is located in Nea Filadelfia, a suburb of Athens and is easily accessible by public transportation. I love this area, it has a lot of old colonial-looking buildings and refugee (from the 1922 population exchange-times) houses and it is a very cosy and friendly place to be!

The courtyard, and the fountain

As you enter, you get into the garden courtyard, with a fountain. It is shady and has a considerable amount of seats. It is ideal, now that it is summer – and I sat outside once for hours just sketching the view around me. I won’t spoil the surprise by posting more pictures of the decor inside the café – it is something that you have to see for yourself!

The entrance into the cafe


There are lots of wonderful things to try – I have been here several times and I have tried their apple pie, their rich chocolatey desserts and they have wonderful scented teas. If you have a sweet tooth, check out a few of the desserts I have tried (and instagramed) below:

I have to say that their display cabinet is always lovely to look at – inspiring and I always feel like I want to bake and make pretty cupcakes after a visit to this place (but I don’t…..)

Watch out for the resident cats! I have seen a few of them, but never did manage to take pictures of all 3 together, except for this little baby.

It doubles up as a bar after dark, and they sell themed cocktails too. There is a section at the back of the establishment that only opens after 6pm.

The pastry shop across the street of the café is new. You can buy and bring home your favourite desserts from the café, and have them make you milkshakes to-go. They also sell teas, syrups, sodas, chocolate bars and jars of their nut butters.

Check out their Facebook page here for more information on how to get there, to read reviews and see more pictures of their very chocolatey desserts! This place is highly recommended!




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