Geneva; again. (Guide forthcoming!)



It is quite apt really, to post this now, as I am flying off to Geneva again today! I will be going to Paris later, but I thought I’d better post something about this ‘City of Refugees’ (known because it was a place of refuge for Protestants fleeing persecution in the mid-1600’s). Headquarters to the International Red Cross and also the UNHCR (and amongst others like the WHO, ILO, etc etc.), it is the European headquarters of the United Nations too, situated at the Palais des Nations.

I will write extensively when I return – a proper guide of what to do when you get to Geneva airport and transport choices (and free wifi!) plus what I would recommend for you to see and do while you are there. In the meanwhile, enjoy some pictures and a food-related ‘story’ below.







I was lucky enough to stumble upon a food fair while I was in Geneva. An International Food Fair, with many stalls serving food from Vietnam, China, India and the Dominican Republic, amongst others. I decided to try Dominican food, because walking past the stall and the food just smelled so temptingly good. There were dancing and music playing, and kids playing in the courtyard… It was remarkable! The food was exceptional! I shall try to look for an authentic recipe soon enough and try to make a few dishes at home!

The stall I bought the food from
Rice and beans and beef stew with a dollop of hot sauce. Yum!
Dancing under the sun


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