Zampano’s Sunday Brunch


Last Sunday, I spent a part of the day spending time with Alison walking around Athens as part of the OpenAthensWalk which was exciting. We were together with Omaira and her 2 boys for most of the walk. But at around 3pm we met up with Eliza at Zampano’s for brunch (or to be more exact, high-tea). A few days before this, walking around Psirri, I saw and was quite intrigued by their brunch menu, (by the chicken and waffles and the Bloody Mary, more than anything else).
The decor was very nice, and there was even a jazz band playing music (which was a bit loud for conversations) but the music was nice.
We ordered our food (Avocado on Toast was one of them) and the Chicken & Waffles arrived and it was nothing like what I imagined it to be. Having seen C&W on travel shows when these celebrity chefs visit the South (Louisiana et all), the dish that I got was very different from what I expected. Although I have to say that the Bloody Mary was good.
The ambience was nice. It was full of people, so you can guess that it is a popular place. Zampano’s is located in Psirri, about 5 minutes walk away from the metro station of Monastiraki, in downtown Athens. The address is 18 Sarri St., Psirri 10553, Athens.
Curiosity and appetite unsated, one week later (today) my attempt at making waffles from scratch (after buying new waffle moulds from Lidl) was successful! Click here for the recipe. I (cheat!) bought fried chicken from KFC and had the chicken with the extra waffles for lunch and, soon I will try (attempt) at making my version of fried chicken Southern style (or South-inspired) in the near future. Watch this space!

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