Holiday Season in Athens


This holiday season was a blast! My sister came on Christmas Day, and we went up North to the mountain cabin to spend a few days there. We expected cold weather, but what we got was a very warm autumn. It got cold as we left the North to return to Athens, and it got cold on New Year’s Eve! We cooked a wonderful dinner for New Year’s, and it consisted of Roast Lamb with Lemony Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Celeriac and some Tzatziki and Salsa as dips to eat with nachos and potato crisps and carrot sticks.








This is the Gingerbread House I assembled (bought from IKEA) to make the house more Christmassy. We had a real pine tree this year! It came all the way from Taxiarchis, and it was so big, that it filled up half of our living room and reached all the way up to the ceiling (we even had to cut off a bit of the top!) Katiki enjoyed the tree tremendously, but I can’t say that vacuuming and sweeping the living room floor every few days (because of pine needles!) is an enjoyable task for me. But the house smells lovely, and together with the lit fireplace, it really makes the place very festive and wintery!







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