Pandan and Gula Melaka Poached Quince

 I have always liked quince since the first time I tried it. But I am not a big fan of desserts that are so sugary sweet that it hurts my glands. I love poached pears, because even though it is sweet, but the flavours of the fruit stands out more. I love the traditional Greek Baked Spiced Quince that George’s grandmother taught me, but I thought maybe I could just poach it in a light pandan-flavoured syrup to see how it turns out.
The result was in my opinion wonderful. I will use more pandan (screwpine leaves)next time, (I have doubled the use of pandan in the syrup in the recipe below) and the quince flavour really comes out here. The pandan syrup is subtle, and you can serve the poached fruit with some whipped cream or with some thick Greek yogurt. I use palm sugar (gula melaka) here to make the syrup. The colour of the fruit turns into a wonderful bright pink once poached. Serve with the syrup, and I saved the excess syrup to be used on top of ice cream and pancakes.


  • 4 quince fruits (about 1 kg), cored, quartered and peeled.
  • Water, as needed

For the pandan syrup:

  • 200g of palm sugar (gula melaka)
  • 4-5 big pandan leaves,  cut into manageable pieces
  • 500ml of water



  1. In a big pot, place the syrup ingredients and boil on medium heat until the liquid has been reduced by half. 
  2. Place the quartered quince pieces in the syrup, and add water to cover the fruits if there isn’t enough liquid.
  3. Poach on low heat until the fruit is soft. Remove from syrup with a slotted spoon, and serve.
  4. Serve with the poaching liquid/syrup.

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