Matcha Almond Latte

Its Autumn here in Athens. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, if you hate the season) the weather has stayed decidedly warm here in the Med. Not summer warm, but a bit below 20 degrees C at night. And that means warm drinks for me!

I love lattes. And I love coffee. But I am trying to cut down on my caffeine intake. I also have an insane obsession with green tea – specifically matcha. I recently bought a packet of pure matcha powder that I have been using sparingly in desserts and smoothies.

This is personally a favourite of mine, and I have it during the weekends while I have my cat Katiki curled up in my lap, watching TV or reading a book.

It is very easy to make. You can use milk, or substitute it with soy milk, almond milk and even coconut milk. Using coconut milk in a drink is rather odd to me, because back in Malaysia we use it for food, but I have tried it once and it makes a rich and thicker latte. I have decided to use almond milk here because I had a batch of homemade almond milk on hand.
I have a handheld milk whisk that I bought from IKEA quite a long time ago, and it makes a mean milk froth. It’s a great investment, because it makes whipping milk and even cream in small quantities much easier.

Ingredients: (makes 2 mugs)

2 cups of milk
1 tsp of matcha green tea powder
Sweetener of your choice, according to taste.
What you will need:
A milk whisk, like pictured below.


1. Heat the milk up in a saucepan. Be careful to not boil it.
2. Add the matcha powder and the sweetener.
3. Take the pan off the heat and use the whisk to thoroughly mix.
4. Pour into mugs, and its ready to drink!



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