Tzatziki (Cucumber and Yogurt Dip)

Tzatziki is the first Greek ‘dish’ I have every attempted in my life. I was in university, and a friend (Elena) and her boyfriend was keen on introducing me to this wonderful yogurt dip that goes well with grilled meat and everything else in between. It was quite different – they grated the cucumber to a weird mush and used dried mint.
Then I went to Greece and saw my mother-in-law to be make Tzatziki – it didn’t take as much time as it had the first time I made it, and I loved the crunchy texture the cubed cucumbers gave. And the herb, that lovely fresh smell was heavenly to me! I make tzatziki as often as I can, and being multicultural me, I serve it with fried rice and biryani! It goes really well with spicy food too – especially curries.

Ingredients: (makes a big bowl for 2-4 people)

1 cucumber, chopped into cubes
500g of Greek Yogurt
2-3 cloves of garlic, grated
A handful of dill, (discard the stalks) chopped fine
Lemon juice
Olive oil


1. In a big bowl, salt the cucumbers. Leave for about 5 minutes, and you will see that there is pool of cucumber water at the bottom. Drain and rinse the cucumbers in a mesh strainer. Toss it about to rid of the excess water. Return to a clean bowl.
2. Add the chopped dill and grated garlic.

3. Top with yogurt, and fold. The yogurt is going to be thick, but be patient. Gradually add the olive oil until you can easily stir the mix. (I use about 50ml of olive oil usually.)
4. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and season with salt.
5. Stir again and chill in the fridge for about at least an hour before serving.

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