Open Walk Athens


One hot day in May, I went to the city centre on Sunday, to spend some time with my friend Lydia. And we did this walk to see all the participating stores and producers – craftsmen and artists. It was illuminating! It was very interesting, and you can see a lot of the historical centre of Athens. I particularly loved the straw hats and the metal works. The walk was very nice, it was very hot though. But the company was excellent. Lydia we should do this again one of these days!

The hat that I bought from the hat store I visited!

We visited, amongst others:

a) A knitting shop selling yarns. I’ve actually been there before when I went through a ‘knitting’ phase. I made a scarf for Katiki.

b) Ballet and dancing shoes producer.

c) A bouzouki maker. This was exciting! I’ve always wanted one. I should try out on something easier tho – like a ukulele.

d) A traditional barber shop. Really retro, super cool barber shop seats.

e) Record store, with vinyls and turntables. Super cool.

Decoration in one of the alleys. Beautiful.
The hatmaker, Lisa!

My favourite shop, the straw hats place. You can find out more about Lisa and her hat-making prowess here on Savapile’s Facebook Page. She doesn’t only make hats, but also other straw items like boxes and mats.

The metalworks. We were told that the old man was 83 years old…. Wow.
The dapper chap from En Athinais Barber Shop.




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