Procession To Bliss

I went out one June night to Omonia to support my friend Amalia. She was to perform her performance art titled ‘procession to bliss’.  Read her manifesto below.


I brought my camera and I took some pictures as I joined her in this walk (on the pavement of course).


Omonia Square at night. This is the view of Athinas Street from Omonia, all the way to Monastiraki Square (and you can see the Acropolis faintly at the top), and this is the route Amalia will be taking.


Amalia was wearing these beautiful pair of wooden sandals (Geta in Japanese, or we Malays say terompah). She changed out of them halfway through Athinas.


Just after this photo was taken, a man on a motorcycle asked her “Girl, what are you doing?”

bliss04Once we reached Monastiraki, she changed back into the sandals and walked across the Plateia. There was a band of drummers and dancers just behind her there in the picture. It was very festive and the energy was exciting!


We took the train back to Omonia. She is sitting with my good friend Jennifer (left of picture) in the train.


And Amalia has ended full circle as she returns to Omonia.


It was a unique experience for me – I rarely venture out into that area of Athens at night, but I felt fairly safe amongst the other people there. There were a lot of people intrigued by what they saw. I didn’t feel any hostility just wonderment and curiosity from the lookers-on and passers-by.

Well, we had a little party after that at the Plateia and we chatted and I made new friends that night. A night to remember, most certainly.


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