I recently downloaded an app called Netrobe for my iPhone. Its one of those virtual closet/wardrobe management apps. Remember Cher from ‘Clueless’ and her computer thingamajig that lists all her clothes? (My teenage past-self is going ‘Eeeeeeee! Squeeee!! Like, it’s so coooool). Now you can have all your clothes and accessories catalogued online and at a touch of your phone. (More teenage excited squees). I read about it awhile back and its created by a Greek dontchaknow. It is an addictive (and time-consuming!) app if not a rather vain endeavour on my part. And it secretly satisfies my OCD need to make lists of everything.

I can’t seem to add Netrobe’s widget here on WordPress, so I will sometimes (read: sporadically) update it here manually… I have also added a link to Netrobe on the sidebar that will take you to my Netrobe page. It’s still a work-in-progress for me, so don’t be too hopeful for something extraordinarily ‘Vogue’ look books or Style-whatsits.

So… Here goes: my first ‘Styleboard’. This is what I wore when I went to Epidaurus to watch the Aristophanes comedy Ploutos.


What do you think?


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