Kewpie-inspired Mayonnaise

I have always liked  QP Kewpie-mayonnaise compared to what I would consider ‘normal’ mayonnaise. It is quite expensive to buy it here in Athens (I have never spent 10 euros for a bottle of mayonnaise before ever in my life). Japanese Mayonnaise is in a league all on its own. They even have a museum…

Raya Cookies: Yuzu and Lavender Cookies

Another year has passed. Another Raya (Eid) will come again. And so, another cookie recipe. I will call this my Raya Cookies edition. I will make at least 1 cookie every Raya! Last year I made Kourabiedes. This year, its Yuzu and Lavender Cookies. I was in the UK for 12 days earlier this month….